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Prevention and treatment of bronchial asthma

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In order to pass the examination successfully, Ai Ai medical examination center collects and arranges the relevant contents of the examination for your reference.

1. To understand the disease and asthma patients, we should understand the disease, establish the confidence to overcome the disease, and cooperate with doctors consciously.

2. Avoid and separate the inducing factors.

3. Drug treatment

(1) Sodium chromatin, a non hormone inhaled anti-inflammatory drug, can prevent the seasonal attack of asthma and make preventive treatment before the onset season. Inhale 20mg every time, 3-4 times a day, do not stop taking medicine too early, and stop using when the treatment is invalid after 4-6 weeks.

(2) β 2-receptor agonists, short acting inhaled β 2-receptor agonists are the first choice drugs for the treatment of acute attack and preventive treatment of exercise-induced asthma, which have quick onset, start to take effect in a few minutes, and reach the peak in 15-30 minutes, such as shuchuanling aerosol, chuankangsu, Chuanlening aerosol, oral administration of shuchuanling, bolikangni, meichuanqing, etc.

(3) Theophylline, can be intramuscular or oral, intravenous drip, with obvious bronchodilation, such as aminophylline, shuflumei, youchuanping.

(4) Anticholinergic drugs, such as ipratropium bromide, are good in inhaled dosage form, with slightly slow onset time, long duration and few adverse reactions.

(5) Glucocorticoid is the most effective anti-inflammatory drug for the treatment of bronchial asthma. It can be administered in whole body or inhaled through airway. In the early stage of acute severe asthma attack, oral glucocorticoid can prevent the exacerbation of asthma attack. In the continuous state of asthma, large dose of glucocorticoid is required for short-term systemic administration. It is safe and effective to inhale long-term low-dose or short-term high-dose, and reduce the side effects of hormone, but it should be emphasized to gargle after inhaled hormone to prevent oral candidiasis.

4. Continuous low flow oxygen inhalation during asthma attack.

5. Those who can't be relieved for more than 24 hours by using general antiasthmatic drugs in the continuous state of asthma (refers to the acute severe attack of asthma), should be sent to the hospital for active treatment as far as possible.