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What are the diagnostic criteria of bronchial asthma

Publishdate:2019-08-29 Views:106

Asthma is a common respiratory disease. So what are the diagnostic criteria for asthma?

(1) Symptoms and features: ① wheezing attack or can be traced back to some allergen or stimulant; ② wheezing attack occurs suddenly during rest, and then cough, a few patients have slight cough before wheezing attack; ③ inhalation of bronchodilator, such as 1% isoproterenol or 0.2% salbutamol, can improve or stop wheezing.

(2) Reference conditions for the diagnosis of bronchial asthma: ① there are other allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis, eczema, etc.; ② allergen skin test is positive; ③ after inhalation of 1% isoproterenol or 0.2% shuchuanling, FEV? 1 can be increased by more than 15%; ④ after bronchodilator is used, lung wheeze can be reduced or disappeared.

Source: 99 health.com