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How to prevent bronchial asthma in children

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Children's bronchitis should be treated in time and effectively. If it is not treated in time or is not treated properly, it will cause serious disease to children. It will be very troublesome to think about treatment in the future, so how to prevent children's asthma?

① Primary preventive measures: mainly to improve the environment and eliminate the factors that induce asthma;

② Second level preventive measures: early diagnosis, timely treatment and prevention of disease development;

③ Three level preventive measures: active treatment to prevent the deterioration of the disease and reduce the incidence of emphysema and cor pulmonale.

(1) To prevent contact with allergens, after detailed medical history inquiry, skin test, search for allergens, and then remove or avoid contact. For example, dust mites, cockroaches, animal dander and feathers can induce airway allergic inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the environment frequently, clean the bedding, and avoid clothing made of feathers.

(2) Protective therapy should be regular in life, avoid excessive fatigue, prevent respiratory tract infection, eliminate the focus of nasopharynx and mouth, properly participate in sports activities, and encourage swimming in summer, but the amount of exercise should be gradual, and should be guided by doctors.

(3) Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) advocates strengthening the spleen, invigorating the Qi and tonifying the kidney. But it must be treated according to different types. In the attack period, ephedra is the main medicine, and the cold syndrome is matched with ginger, asarum and Schisandra; the heat syndrome is mostly matched with gypsum and huangcen. In the remission period, Shenqi decoction and Yupingfeng powder can be used for the type of lung deficiency; Liujunzi Decoction can be used for the type of spleen deficiency; Liuwei Dihuang pill can be used for the type of kidney deficiency, and Zuogui decoction, Youguiyin or Jingui Shenqi Pill can be used for the type of kidney deficiency.

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