Epidemic control

Emergency response plan for hospital infection outbreak of conch in Wuhu

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1. In a short period of time (1 week), clinical departments found 3 or more cases with similar clinical symptoms, suspected of having a common source of infection or infection path. Members of the infection monitoring and management team of the Department are responsible for reporting to the infection management department of the hospital, and the infection management department, together with relevant departments, is responsible for verifying the prevalence or outbreak. Cases suspected of the same kind of infection were confirmed, and the incidence was calculated. If the incidence was significantly higher than the general level of hospital infection in the hospital or department over the years, it was confirmed that there was epidemic or outbreak.

2. Find the source of infection. Pathogenic examination should be carried out on the infected patients, contacts, suspected infectious source environment, articles, medical staff and accompanying personnel.

3. Find out the causes of infection. A detailed epidemiological survey was carried out among the people around the infected patients.

4. Determine and organize the implementation of effective control measures. It includes proper treatment of patients, proper disinfection and sterilization, isolation of patients, stop receiving new patients, self-protection of medical staff, immunization or drug administration.

5. Analyze the investigation data, and describe the Department distribution, population distribution and time distribution of the cases. Analyze the cause of epidemic or outbreak, speculate the possible source, route or factor of infection, and make a comprehensive judgment based on the results of laboratory examination and the effect of taking control measures.

6. Hospital infection diagnosed as infectious disease shall be managed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

7. Write investigation report, summarize experience, formulate preventive measures and implement them.

Treatment process: infection case I found in clinical department → report to infection management department I → infection management department to the scene to check whether the infection is epidemic or outbreak with relevant experts of medical department and nursing department → report to hospital leader and superior relevant department I → simultaneously find the source of infection (laboratory cooperates to collect suspicious specimens) → isolate the patient and cut off the transmission path I → find the cause of infection Factor 1 of infection → formulation and implementation of control measures 1 → analysis of investigation data 1 → preparation of investigation report, summary of experience, and formulation of rectification plan for the cause of hospital infection outbreak.

8. The Department of hospital infection management evaluates the quality of the treatment of the outbreak of hospital infection.