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The confession of Helicobacter pylori

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Hi, Hello, my name is Helicobacter pylori!

My Latin name is Helicobater pylori, which is HP for short. My appearance is very special, it's spiral, and my height is only about 3.0 μ M. Although I am small, my age is not small. My compatriots and I were first discovered by human beings in the late 19th century, but it was only in the 1980s that we really saw my real body and named it. It is more than 100 years old.

Like human beings, we also need oxygen to survive, but we are very energy-saving, just need a little oxygen, because we are micro aerobic bacteria, if we are accidentally thrown into the atmosphere or in the absolute anaerobic environment, it will take our life. Therefore, you can find my figure in the human mouth and stomach, especially the gastric mucosa, which is the hotbed of our life.

Well, do you know how I got into the human stomach? Tell you secretly, it's through mouth to mouth communication.

                               when you have a meal with someone, my compatriots will transfer saliva from one infected person to another, and. Special reminder in love friends, every time you kiss, may be accompanied by the great migration of our family members.

Do you think I like you guys very much? It's wrong. It's quite wrong. I will bring you many diseases, such as chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and so on. The most important thing is gastric cancer. In 1994, the International Cancer Research Institute affiliated to the World Health Organization also designated us as a class I carcinogen.


                    . We can induce the crazy secretion of gastrin, which can cause acid regurgitation, heartburn, stomachache and halitosis. Especially for the patients with gastric ulcer, our arrival can make him suffer even more.

In addition, we can make you associate with chronic gastritis. Every time you have abdominal discomfort, dull pain, or the symptoms of belching, acid regurgitation, nausea, vomiting, we have to work hard.

Don't think that I only have this ability. What I'm good at is that I can make people suffer from gastric cancer. After being infected by me, the risk of gastric cancer will increase by 2.7 to 12 times. Among them, 3% of the infected patients successfully developed gastric cancer.

In view of my great achievements, scientists have paid more and more attention to me and invented many instruments and methods to test me, study me and even attack me. They took out biopsy samples through endoscopy, detected and separated me by culture, direct smear, rapid urease test and other methods, and then carried out drug sensitivity test to find drugs that can kill us.

Later, intelligent scientists found that I have strong endogenous urease, which can decompose urea in the stomach and nuclide labeled urea to produce CO2 and NH3. They easily found me by analyzing 14C or 13C of CO2 gas exhaled through the lung.

Do you have the impulse to go to the hospital for testing? Haha, it's not necessary. Although the International Cancer Research Institute has designated us as a class I carcinogen, the "clinical guidelines for HP infection in developing countries" formulated by the world gastroenterology organization said: "treat all HP positive people. But if there is no intention of treatment, do not test. This is a good practice point. It means that those who have a family history of gastric cancer, chronic gastritis with dyspepsia and peptic ulcer should be tested and treated, while those who have no symptoms or do not want to be treated with drugs do not need to be tested.

Since the advent of detection methods, human beings have begun to invent drugs to eliminate us. Using acid suppressant to change our living environment, and then using antibiotics to kill us directly. But we are not vegetarian. After the baptism of many kinds of drugs, we become more resistant and more resistant. However, annoying scientists have come up with new ways to defeat us. They used the combination therapy, such as bismuth + PPI + two kinds of antibacterial drugs.

This quadruple therapy can be described as changeable and versatile. Each kind of medicine has many kinds, which can be combined according to the patient's drug resistance and treatment effect. For example, there are four kinds of antibacterial drug composition schemes: (1) amoxicillin + clarithromycin; (2) amoxicillin + Levofloxacin; (3) amoxicillin + furazolidone; (4) tetracycline + metronidazole or furazolidone. Bismuth agent generally refers to bismuth potassium citrate. There are many kinds of PPI, such as omeprazole, lansoprazole, pantoprazole, etc. Because of the individualized difference, everyone's medication plan is different. If you want to fight with me, you must consult the doctor in the hospital to make a reasonable medication plan, but you must know that the bismuth quadruple therapy can improve the efficacy to a certain extent by prolonging the course of treatment. The recommended course of treatment is 10 days or 14 days.

                     . But we don't give up, because we're out, you know why? Because only weapons are not enough, but also correct tactical cooperation.

Although the compatriots in your stomach are eliminated by your quadruple therapy