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Wuhu conch hospital celebrates the third "Chinese doctor's Day" series activities successfully held

Publishdate:2020-09-05 Views:235

"Carry forward the anti epidemic spirit and protect people's health" is the theme of this year's Chinese doctor's day. Fighting novel coronavirus pneumonia in early July and then fighting the flood fighting and rescue in the Yangtze River Basin, our medical staff took the initiative to fight and come forward to join the front line of fighting the epidemic and flood, and explained the connotation of the "benevolence of doctors" with practical actions, so that each of us had a deep understanding of the love of the "heal the wounded, save the dying, and devote".

On the occasion of the "third Chinese doctor's Day", our hospital held a series of celebration activities to express our sincere wishes to the medical staff who are fighting in the front line!

On the morning of August 19, Ms. Zhang Mingjing, vice chairman of Haichuang investment group, and Mr. Zhang Pengxiang, President of conch hospital, led members of the hospital's leading group and heads of various functional departments to the clinical and medical technical departments to cordially condole the front-line medical staff, and sent cakes and flowers to express sincere Festival blessings.

On the afternoon of the same day, the "hospital wide continuous quality improvement project evaluation" was held in the academic lecture hall on the 11th floor of our hospital.

At the beginning of the activity, vice president Zhang Jianhua delivered a speech for the medical day. He praised the contribution of our hospital's medical staff to the epidemic prevention and control and the fight against floods. He also affirmed the efforts made by all the staff for the establishment of JCI, and wished all medical staff a happy holiday.

13 excellent representatives from clinical, medical technology and functional departments participated in the final. The contestants made ppt reports on the continuous quality improvement projects one by one. Six judges on the spot scored according to the scientificity of the report content, the practicability of the results, the popularization of operation, the application of innovation management, the production level of PPT courseware and the report performance, and finally selected the winning project.

It is also on this sacred festival that three doctors of our hospital, Wang Lina, Wang Yonghong and Wang Xiaoxu, were selected as the "most beautiful doctor in Wuhu City in 2020" organized by Wuhu Medical Association, which fully shows that the medical staff's dedication in the disaster and epidemic situation and the level of medical service have been affirmed by the higher authorities and Jiangcheng people.

At the end of the activity, president Zhang Pengxiang made a concluding speech. President Zhang expressed his heartfelt thanks and festival greetings to every medical staff who stuck to their posts. President Zhang said that the quality control competition is not only a competition, but also an opportunity for everyone to learn and improve themselves. Each colleague should apply the knowledge and methods learned in the process of JCI creation into practical work, so as to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice. We are encouraged not to forget their original intention, forge ahead, take patient safety as the center, strive to improve the medical quality and service level, show the benevolence of doctors and pursue excellent quality. Adhere to the noble moral sentiment, profound subject knowledge, exquisite medical services, to provide health protection for Jiangcheng people.