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Carry forward the traditional treasure and satisfy the people at home

Publishdate:2020-09-05 Views:263

Speaking of Chinese medicine, what kind of picture will emerge in your mind? Is it a bag of herbs with a faint fragrance, or a bowl of soup with a strong bitter taste? Most people have their own memories of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, let's take you to visit the Chinese pharmacy of Wuhu conch hospital to taste the traditional Chinese flavor together!

There are more than 400 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in the traditional Chinese medicine room of conch hospital, covering rhizomes, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, minerals, animals and other kinds of medicinal materials, to meet the different needs of clinicians and customers. We strictly control the source of procurement and select genuine and high-quality medicinal materials. Select excellent Chinese Herbal Pieces production enterprises for hospital distribution.

In order to carry forward the quintessence of traditional Chinese medicine and give full play to the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, Wuhu conch hospital, together with the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine and yijishan hospital, has built a capital Wuhu traditional Chinese medicine medical service platform. Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and in accordance with the principle of compatibility of monarchs, officials and assistants, Wuhu conch hospital dialectically implements "one person, one party" to suit the case. So that people in Wuhu Jiangcheng can enjoy the first-class domestic experts of traditional Chinese medicine medical services.

Characteristic and intimate humanized service

1. Drug consultation

Professional Chinese pharmacists provide telephone consultation, face-to-face consultation and other comprehensive drug consultation services. Improve customer awareness by pasting drug labels.

2. Deliver medicine to the door

To provide door-to-door service for elderly and frail customers with inconvenient drug taking.

3. Mail home

There is not enough time for customers to return to their homes in time to take medicines, and there is no delay in the delivery of medicines to customers.