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[announcement] notice on comprehensive promotion of Anhui health code in conch hospital

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control plan for the country and provinces is implemented in depth, and the epidemic prevention and control work is accurately promoted. According to the requirements of the "Anhui health code" notice on accelerating the use of the "health code for health" of the 2020 counties (No. 92), the medical checkpoints are arranged and set up in good order, and the masses of the medical workers, employees and other visitors are well arranged. We hereby inform you of the following matters:

1. Introduction of Anhui health code

"Anhui health code" (hereinafter referred to as "Ankang code") is an "E-PASS" provided by the provincial data resources bureau for use in various cities and localized deployment. It contains basic personal information and health information for verification, which can be used by relevant government departments, employers and communities to comprehensively judge individual health risk level, realize dynamic health certification in special period, and provide national government services The platform is interconnected with "Health Code" in Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places to realize "one code access" in the Yangtze River Delta.

2. Application for Ankang code

1. Application objects: on-the-job employees, personnel of the third-party company stationed in the hospital; patients who come to the hospital for treatment and their accompanying family members.

2., the application procedures: the application personnel can register mobile phone, real name login "Wan Shi Tong" APP or Alipay "Wan Shi Tong" applet, click on the application of Ankang code, fill in the relevant information truthfully, after the examination and approval, the system automatically generates "green code, yellow code or red code" (green Huang Hong three colors).

3. Use of Ankang code

When the staff, patients and their family members enter the entrance and exit of the hospital, they should show the "Health Code" or scan the inspection code. If the green code is displayed, those who pass the temperature measurement will be allowed to pass. The Yellow code or red code personnel will be classified and the corresponding control measures will be taken.

4. Management of Ankang code verification

The security department is responsible for the management of the checking terminal of the hospital's health code. The entrance of the health code verification terminal is located in the "Wan Shi Tong" APP or Alipay "Wan Shi Tong" applet, which is a mode of checking and checking the traffic personnel. The account number of the verification terminal is only used by the relevant staff in the hospital for epidemic prevention and control. It is not allowed to use it privately at other times. If it is found, it will be seriously dealt with.

5. Wuhu Ankang code rule setting and adjustment guide

Red code holder: confirmed, suspected, close contact personnel, other personnel who need to be included in the red code management. Novel coronavirus holder: in recent 14 days, there were people who had history of travel or personnel contact in key epidemic areas, and those who had history of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection. Those who had fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and respiratory symptoms underwent abnormal registration, abnormal daily attendance cards, and other personnel who need to be included in the management of yellow code. Green code holder: personnel other than red code and yellow code holder. Red code holder: cured discharged patients, asymptomatic infected persons released from centralized isolation, personnel from key areas of epidemic prevention and control and high-risk areas, and close contacts. After 14 days of centralized or home-based isolation medical observation, they will turn to green code after 14 consecutive days of normal health clocking. Yellow code holder: the holder of yellow code has been subject to medical observation at home for 7 days, and then turned to green code after 7 consecutive days of normal health check-in. In case of any abnormality, it will be changed into red code. Green code holder: the holder of the code can change to yellow code according to the specific situation when he / she is abnormal in the check point verification and temperature detection.