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Improve the awareness of fire fighting and build a safe hospital

Publishdate:2020-09-05 Views:306

In order to further strengthen the fire safety work of Wuhu conch hospital, improve the fire prevention awareness and self-protection ability of the staff, and ensure the life and property safety of patients and medical staff, the annual fire drill was held in Hailuo hospital from August 29 to 30, 2020, to ensure that all staff can clearly define their responsibilities, rescue themselves and save lives according to the predetermined plan Property security. Yijiang fire rescue team and JCI emergency management instructor were invited to participate in the fire drill.

Fire drill mobilization meeting

On the afternoon of August 29, 2020, the security department organized a mobilization meeting for fire drill preparation: the middle-level managers of all departments participated in the mobilization meeting.

Huang Wei, the person in charge of the security department, introduced in detail the activity flow of the drill, the division of labor and the evacuation area of each department. Wang zegang, instructor of JCI emergency management, explained to the participants the requirements of fire drill precautions.

Simulated fire

At 14:00 p.m. on August 30, 2020, a simulated fire broke out in the neurology ward on the second floor of the hospital. At this time, there are 20 patients in the simulation area. The fire spread and the situation was critical. Nurse Zhang Jiao found the fire in the simulation ward at the first time, turned off the indoor switch and called the nurse on duty at the same time. Take the nearest fire extinguisher for initial fire extinguishing. At the same time, dial the fire alarm number in the hospital and report the fire to the fire control center. At this time, the automatic fire alarm system also receives the fire alarm signal synchronously. After receiving the alarm, the fire control attendant Tao Zhengzhong immediately simulated to adjust the automatic fire alarm control cabinet to the automatic state, and was ready to start the fire pump, spray pump and smoke exhaust system at any time. The fire control center quickly dispatched three volunteer firefighters from the fire fighting and rescue team to the scene with fire fighting and rescue equipment. The fire fighting and rescue team shall immediately use the water from the fire hose of the fire hydrant to put out the fire and control the fire.

After the scene commander found that the fire had spread to the surrounding area, and the smoke was too big to control. He quickly reported the fire situation to the deputy director of the scene commander Wu Shiyou, and the chief commander issued an order, "the fire control center opens the fire emergency broadcast, and issues all personnel evacuation orders.".

After receiving the evacuation order, all personnel from the 1st to 8th floors of the inpatient building will enter the No.15 fire passage of the inpatient building under the command of the fire evacuation guide of each floor, guide the staff and patients to escape along the safe evacuation passageway to the emergency evacuation assembly point, close the door of the evacuated ward and mark the evacuation, and remind the staff and patients not to take the elevator to escape during the evacuation.

The critical patients in the operating room, ICU, orthopedics and other departments used stretchers, sheets and other tools to evacuate to the assembly point. Under the command of director Zhang Ming, the emergency group simulated the emergency treatment of critical patients.

After all the personnel were transferred to the safe area, the evacuation team leader Ding CHENFENG checked and confirmed according to the personnel list, and properly placed the patients.

Fighting fire

The fire spread and entered the whole hospital for emergency disposal. The on-site commander reported to the chief commander Wu Shiyou, vice president of the hospital. The fire in building 2 was spreading and the smoke was heavy and could not be controlled. The commander-in-chief asked to report to "119" immediately. After the fire rescue brigade of Yijiang district received the alarm, the fire truck arrived at the scene three minutes later. The firefighters laid the fire hose by using the evacuation stairs and put out two water guns to put out the fire. The fire was quickly controlled and put out. Under the guidance of team leader Sun Yong and teacher Wang zegang of Yijiang district fire brigade, all the participants learned to use fire fighting equipment and put out fire in actual combat.

More than 300 employees participated in the fire drill. Commander in chief Wu Shiyou said the fire drill was a complete success. He stressed the importance of fire safety, requiring all staff to learn and master the knowledge of fire safety, improve the ability of fire fighting and self rescue, and put an end to the hidden danger of fire safety.