Internal Medicine-Oncology


Publishdate:2020-09-06 Views:210

Department: Cancer Center

Title: chief physician, researcher, Hefei Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Good at: good at carrying out standardized chemotherapy and CT guided lung puncture biopsy, liver cancer TACE, lung cancer bronchial artery infusion chemotherapy, malignant cardiothoracic peritoneal effusion tube drainage, esophageal cancer stent implantation, especially good at internal jugular vein, subclavian vein, femoral vein and other catheterization.

He has published many papers in CN journals (including the Journal of Practical Oncology of Zhejiang University), and won a number of hospital new technology and new project awards and Municipal Excellent Paper Awards. In 2010, he won the third prize of excellent papers in natural science of Anhui Province. He is also a member of clinical professional committee (CSCO) of China Anti Cancer Association, member of tumor Internal Medicine Association of Anhui Medical Association, member of Tumor Society of Anhui Medical Association, and director of Anhui anti cancer association.