Recruitment notice for imaging staff of Wuhu conch hospital

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The imaging department of conch hospital plans to recruit the following staff:

1. 2 radiation technicians. College degree or above, regardless of gender.

2. 3 diagnostic personnel. Gender unlimited, bachelor's degree or above, with a doctor's license, trained personnel are preferred.

3. 1 receptionist at the front desk. Female, middle school degree or above, good image, generous, good communication and expression skills, proficient in computer.

The above personnel shall pass the assessment of basic skills, service attitude, work attitude, etc. during the probation period, and the qualified personnel shall stay.

Please fill in the application registration form of Wuhu conch hospital and send it to The email should be named "post name".

Tel: 0553-8397597

Wuhu conch hospital office

February 13, 2017