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Pilot high quality midwifery care and strive to be the defender of women's rights

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"The angel flies here and chooses not to leave here any more. The beauty is fleeting and the spring is unrepentant. She is watching the sunrise and the blooming of life." - watching life and waiting for the blooming of flowers.

In conch hospital, there are such a group of lovely sea doctors. They are different in age, appearance and character, but they have a common position to guard the delivery room. They are sentinels of the delivery room, assistants of doctors and comrades of pregnant mothers. They measure the delivery room with their feet, guard the safety with love, and hold the starting point of life with their hands. They work between doctors and nurses, and their names are little known - midwives.

From the moment when the parturient enters the delivery room, they will take on the role of family members, accompany, encourage, care and guide the whole process, provide the parturient with music guiding and pain reducing, breath reducing and pain relieving delivery, and strive to meet the arrival of new life with the best technology and the most gentle delivery mode. Because of the nature of work, midwives set delivery, care in one, and in the process of childbirth to accompany the most time, can more carefully capture the subtle physiological and psychological changes in the whole process of childbirth.

When a clear cry cuts through the quiet time and space, the children get the first full mark of life, they are very happy; when the children stick to the mother's chest to suck, they are very satisfied; when handling the umbilical cord for the children, weighing, wearing clothes, they are very happy; when passing a good news to the production room, they are very proud.

Breathe in, hold your breath, come on, breathe out, change your breath, come on, come on, come on It's like cheerleaders on the playground, who don't need too much words, always smile, always encourage and always pacify. This is the most familiar scene in the delivery room. Behind these warm scenes, they also have unknown suffering. When looking at the deformed children born, they will lament the fragility of life; when looking at the sweaty pregnant mothers, they will lament the mother's difficulty; when seeing the expression of the family waiting for one night at the door of the delivery room when they know it is a girl, they will lament the selfishness of human nature At the door of the delivery room, they never give up everything.

May 5, 2019 is the 28th International midwife Festival. In this special festival, I wish this group of lovely people a happy holiday!