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On August 10, 2019, affected by Typhoon "lichima", most parts of Xuancheng, Anhui Province, had heavy rain, which led to flash floods in Ningguo and other parts of the country and flooded villages. On the morning of August 14, 2019, conch hospital organized a rescue team to Nanji Township, Ningguo City for disaster relief.

The assistance team for disaster relief is led by Wu Shiyou, vice president, experts in internal medicine, emergency department, orthopedic department and head nurses, as well as conch trading company and Ningguo Haichuang environmental engineering company.

According to Ningguo health and Health Commission, Nanji township is the most severely affected township. After the flood, the once warm home has become scarred and heartbreaking. Water supply, power supply, communication and roads in the whole Township were all interrupted, houses collapsed, grain fields were destroyed, roads and bridges were interrupted.

Aerial photo of debris flow collection in Dongfang formation, Meicun, Antarctica

After arriving at the scene, the marine medical assistance team went to Nanji township health center and the temporary resettlement site of the victims under the arrangement and leadership of the CPPCC leadership of Ningguo City, measured the blood pressure of the victims, treated the wounds, and supported the donation to Nanji Township on behalf of all the staff of marine medical, and the brother units donated materials to the disaster area.

Transportation of relief materials

Contribute our hospital's contribution to the people in the disaster area

Wu Shiyou, vice president, asked the CPPCC leaders of Ningguo City about the disaster situation

This condolence is not only a practice value that shows the benevolence of the doctors, but also a good deed to fulfill the social responsibility of large enterprises and express the deep feelings of the staff. I wish the people in Ningguo disaster area to rebuild their homes as soon as possible with the support of the government and all parties!