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Don't forget your original heart, keep your mission in mind

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On August 19, 2019, conch hospital held the first ten best doctors award ceremony in the academic lecture hall on the 11th floor of outpatient building.

In the three years of new development, conch hospital has emerged a group of outstanding representatives with excellent medical skills and high medical ethics. On the occasion of the second Chinese doctor's day, Wang Haifeng and other ten comrades of surgery department were awarded the title of "the first ten top doctors of Wuhu conch hospital" through open voting and discussion in the hospital office meeting.

The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Wu Shiyou, vice president, and attended by more than 400 experts from yijishan hospital, professors from Wannan Medical College, main leaders of the hospital department and clinical medical workers of conch hospital.

Vice president Wu Shiyou presided over the ceremony

The award ceremony kicked off with the sound of the national anthem. Vice president Zhang Jianhua led all medical workers to review the declaration of Chinese doctors, expressed their original intention, continued to move forward, never forgot the mission of doctors, volunteered to devote themselves to human health, and consciously maintained the dignity and sacred confidence and determination of medicine. By sharing his personal medical history, he encouraged all medical workers in the hospital to work hard, develop and innovate, constantly improve the level and quality of medical services, and strive to make new and greater contributions to the development of medical and health undertakings.

Solemn oath, words are grand, sonorous and heroic

Professor Liu Zhenhong, an expert of lecturer group of Anhui provincial Party committee and associate professor of Marxism College of Southern Anhui Medical College, was invited to give a keynote speech on "keeping the original mind in mind and keeping the mission in mind". Professor Liu introduced the background and relevant content requirements of carrying out the theme education of "keeping the original mind in mind and keeping the mission in mind" in combination with the theme of "promoting lofty spirit and concentrating on healthy China" on doctor's day, and expounded the Communist's The original intention and mission are the three connotations of "seeking happiness for the Chinese people, rejuvenation for the Chinese nation and peace and development for mankind". This paper analyzes the reasons why the Communists should "keep the original intention and mission in mind" from the aspects of the party's goal, the requirements of the reality test and the experience and lessons of the socialist party, and educates everyone to actively invest in the principle of "keep the original intention and mission in mind" We must firmly grasp the general requirements of guarding the heart and mission, looking for gaps and implementing the tasks, constantly promoting the humanitarian spirit of saving lives and helping the wounded, making new contributions to improving people's health, and effectively applying Xi Jinping's new socialist China thought and armed forces of the nineteen spirits of the party, guiding practice and promoting work, and constantly writing a new chapter for healthy China's construction. Chapter, strive to create a new situation of health care in China.

Mr. Zhang Pengxiang, President of conch hospital, read out the "commendation decision of the first ten top doctors of conch hospital".

The hospital team presented awards to the top ten doctors

Speech by representatives of top ten doctors

Ms. Zhang Mingjing, vice chairman of Haichuang company and chairman of Hailuo hospital, delivered a speech for the event. First of all, she extended warm congratulations to the top ten doctors who were praised, and on behalf of the board of directors of Haichuang group, she extended holiday greetings to all doctors of Haiyi and high respect to their families.

Chairman Zhang said passionately that doctors are a great profession. Accurate rescue can continue to write the dawn of life for patients, keep strong waiting to ignite the confidence and hope of patients, double practice the essence of medicine day and night, and write the responsibilities and responsibilities of doctors with physical exercise, because with the protection of doctors, people can be happy and healthy.

Today's sea medicine is not very strong, but it is growing rapidly with the sweat of sea doctors. Haiyi people are a group of positive and dynamic teams. They closely focus on the development policy of the hospital, take a long-term perspective, do every job conscientiously, and contribute to the image building and brand creation of Haiyi.

The development of marine medicine has also been greatly supported by partners such as yijishan hospital and medical experts, and we are honored to work together with Hong Kong ren'an hospital for three years.

Chairman Zhang hopes that the top ten doctors to be praised will cherish their honor, make further efforts, and never forget their original intention to create a better performance. We call on all medical staff to follow the example of the top ten doctors, adhere to their professional ideals, inherit the spirit of "unity, innovation, dedication and dedication" of marine medicine, strive to take on the lofty responsibility of promoting human health, devote themselves to clinical front-line work with more passionate fighting spirit and enthusiasm, interpret the mission of "doctors' benevolence and pursuit of excellence" with practical actions, and "follow the principle of The medical values of "people-oriented, moral and medical double Xin" make greater contribution to the realization of the best vision of becoming the most reliable modern hospital.

The award ceremony was successfully concluded in the voice of collective blessing. In the future, people of Haiyi will not forget their original heart, remember their mission, work together and work together to strive for China's health cause!

On the day of doctor's day, Ms. Zhang Mingjing, President of conch hospital, Mr. Zhang Pengxiang, President of conch hospital, Ms. Xu Meifang, China Affairs Manager of Hong Kong ren'an hospital, Mr. Zhang Jianhua, vice president, and Mr. Wu Shiyou led a team to all clinical departments to send greetings and sincere wishes to front-line medical workers.