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Wuhu conch hospital won the "sports ethics Fashion Award" at the staff sports meeting of the municipal health system

Publishdate:2020-03-17 Views:174

In the afternoon of September 15, 2019, the 13th "health promotion Cup" staff games of Wuhu health system hosted by Wuhu health and Health Commission and hosted by Yijiang health and Health Commission was successfully concluded in the badminton hall of the Olympic Sports Center. More than 620 employees from 31 teams of Wuhu health system participated in the competition, and our institute won the "sports ethics Fashion Award" of the games.

In recent ten years, in order to actively promote the high-quality development of health care in Wuhu City, enhance the friendship of medical institutions, strengthen the communication and contact between each other, gather people's hearts and inspire morale, Wuhu health and Health Commission has held the health and health system games over the years. This is the 13th session of the games, which includes badminton, table tennis, cards (whipped eggs), chess Swimming. From August 24 to September 15, the games lasted for nearly a month. Athletes competed in various events on weekends. The whole competition was organized in an orderly way, with novel forms and rich contents, which inspired the spirit and fully displayed the good spirit of health system employees.

Conch hospital was invited to participate in this sports meeting, with 9 players participating in table tennis, badminton and groundnut, and won the group "sports ethics Fashion Award". In this sports meeting, our hospital stands out from the 25 private hospitals directly under the management of the city, which is also the result of adhering to the values of "people-oriented, moral and medical double happiness". Our hospital combines medical technology, medical ethics and cultural construction, remembers the mission of "doctors' benevolence and pursuit of excellence", is committed to becoming the most reliable modern hospital, undertaking the social responsibility of large enterprises, and Jiangcheng people's health services to contribute a force!