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Wuhu conch hospital in the fourth quarter of 2019 branch Party Congress and party class activities smoothly carried out

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In the afternoon of October 12, 2019, the Party branch of Wuhu conch hospital organized and held the fourth quarter of 2019 Party member conference and party class activity in conference room a-1006 on the 10th floor of the outpatient clinic. The conference was presided over by Wu Shiyou, Secretary of the Party branch of the hospital. More than 50 members of the hospital, development objects, active members of the party and personnel submitting the application for joining the party attended the conference.

Conference site

First of all, the meeting reported the activities of the Party branch of the hospital in September to carry out the special democratic appraisal of Party members on "keeping in mind the original intention and mission".

Then, the meeting discussed and voted on the acceptance of Li Qingpeng and Ma Li as the preparatory party members of the CPC. Li Qingpeng and Ma Li were both identified as development objects on May 28, 2019, and attended the training course for development objects of provincial enterprises in June, and successfully completed the course. The party members present at the meeting made a sincere and objective evaluation of the actual performance of the two comrades, affirmed that they are conscientious and responsible in their work, actively willing to work, diligent and practical, have a solid business ability, have a good foundation for the masses, have a strong sense of service, are United and friendly, and put forward their opinions and expectations for their future work. By secret ballot, the participating party members unanimously agreed to accept Li Qingpeng and Ma Li as the preparatory members of the Communist Party of China.

Development target personal situation report

Introducers to join the party

Subsequently, the party members, development objects, activists and other participants watched the film "Wang Qishan's guidance report on the opening ceremony of the training course on strengthening the construction of the post of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection".

Wang Qishan's opening speech at the training course of strengthening the construction of the post of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

After watching the movie, Wu Shiyou, Secretary of the Party branch, shared four experiences with you:

First, without the Communist Party, there would be no new China. In the century since 1840, the Chinese people were bullied by foreign powers. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, they overthrew the oppression of feudalism, imperialism and bureaucrat capitalism and established the people's Republic of China. Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China, not only a lyric, but also a fact proved by history.

Second, without the Communist Party, there would be no prosperity and strong people. Under the leadership of the party, after 70 years of hard work, from a poor country to a country that is about to realize a well-off society in an all-round way and has been partially modernized. Now we need to adhere to the four self-confidence of road, theory, system and culture, which is also the right direction to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream proved by historical time.

Third, to strengthen the party's organizational and disciplinary construction is the need to maintain the party's nature, the nature and purpose of the party, and the call of the original intention and mission. This is not only for Party members and cadres, but also for the team building of all Party members.

Fourth, don't forget your original heart and mission. We should combine with personal post work, department construction, hospital development, keep in mind "the benevolence of doctors, the pursuit of excellence", practice the medical values of "people-oriented, medical ethics double Xin", and strive to provide a strong guarantee for people's health.

Wu Shiyou, Secretary of the Party branch of the hospital, shares the experience of watching movies

At the end of the meeting, secretary Wu Shiyou asked all of you to have some insights and actions. According to the Party member's standards, you should be strict with yourself, based on your own reality and your own post, strive to be a pioneer and outstanding, persist in continuous learning, improve your professional skills, improve your work efficiency, unite and cooperate, and strive to be an outstanding Party member recognized by the masses and with a clear conscience!