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Wuhu non-public hospital successfully held the Spring Festival Party 2020

Publishdate:2020-03-17 Views:187

In order to celebrate the coming of the spring of 2020 and further promote the communication and exchange of private medical institutions, on the afternoon of January 17, 2020, the Party committee of private medical institutions of Wuhu City, together with the association of non public medical institutions of Wuhu City, jointly held the 2020 Spring Festival Party of non public hospitals of Wuhu City in Wuhu Guangji hospital. Zha Zhonghai, member and deputy director of the Party committee of Wuhu Municipal Health Committee, Secretary of the Party committee of Wuhu private medical institutions, Han Zhijun, full-time Deputy Secretary of the general branch of Wuhu Municipal Health Committee, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Wuhu private medical institutions, Du Rongchang, former deputy director of Wuhu Municipal Health Committee, Chen Hao, deputy secretary-general of Wuhu Hospital Association, and leaders and members of Wuhu non-public medical institutions Association Colleagues attended the party. Wu Shiyou, Secretary of the Party branch and vice president of conch hospital, was invited to attend. This is also the first time that municipal non-public hospitals jointly hold a new year's party.

Wang Zhichu, President of Wuhu non public medical institutions Association and President of Wuhu Guangji hospital, delivered a speech on behalf of the association. He pointed out that in this happy day, in this happy and peaceful moment, he hoped that in the new year, all private hospitals could stand on a new starting point, seize new opportunities, meet new challenges and realize new leaps! To protect the health of the whole city! I hope that all medical staff will not forget their original intention, keep in mind their mission, take on their responsibilities and make great efforts to make great progress and create new brilliance!

Then, by Wuhu City Health Committee Deputy Director, Wuhu City private medical institutions party secretary Zha Zhonghai made a speech. He expressed his best wishes for the new year and sincere thanks and greetings to all the comrades who have worked hard in the hospital's medical treatment, management and service fields and posts in the past year!

Nine private hospitals participated in the performance, and each private hospital carefully prepared wonderful performances to welcome the new year. The programs are all produced and directed by private hospitals, with various forms and contents closely related to the theme of the times and full of positive energy.

Conch hospital was invited to participate in the party, and played two programs of the cardiology solo song "the most beautiful expectation" and the ICU dance "save" around ". The professional medical emergency methods were performed in the form of square dance. With the cooperation of song MV, it brought a visual feast with unique color and shock to the on-site audience. During this period, the applause bursts, the atmosphere is warm, the melody is fresh and beautiful, and the melody is warm and unrestrained, which not only fully shows the fruitful achievements of our hospital's cultural construction and the firm determination of our hospital's development, but also shows our hospital's versatile spiritual outlook, as well as our blessing and expectation for a better tomorrow.