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Wuhu conch hospital elevator maintenance bidding notice

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1、 Bidding overview

1. Project Name: Elevator maintenance of Wuhu conch hospital

2. Tenderee: Wuhu conch hospital

3. Project area: huolonggang, Wuhu City

2、 Bidding scope

Wuhu conch hospital elevator annual maintenance service, the project is located in conch hospital, including medical elevators, escalators, freight elevators and passenger elevators, a total of 29.

3、 Qualification requirements of the bidder

1. It meets the qualification requirements of the bidder specified in Article 22 of the government procurement law of the people's Republic of China.

Having independent legal personality;

2. Qualification requirements of the bidder: with special equipment installation, transformation and maintenance license (elevator) class C

Or above;

3. Registered capital: 1 million or more.

4、 Bidding application

1. Interested eligible bidders can appoint representatives to Wuhu conch hospital to apply for registration and receive the bidding documents and site survey;

2. For the application of this project, it is required to provide: power of attorney of the legal representative, my ID card and its copy, and the copy of the duplicate of the business license of the legal person (the above copies shall be stamped with the official seal of the company);

3. All bidders are required to submit a bid security (5000 yuan) and a bid cost (100 yuan).

5、 Time and place

1. Bidding registration time: August 18-28, 2017

2. Time of Selling Bidding Documents: August 18-28, 2017

3. Bid opening time: 9:00, August 29, 2017 (notice will be given in case of special circumstances)

Contact: Ji Chao Mobile: 13956219973