About us

Wuhu conch hospital is a large-scale comprehensive non-profit hospital invested by Anhui Conch Venture Capital Co., Ltd. In order to promote the development of social public welfare, Guo Wensan, the founder of the hospital, put forward the tenet of "serving the enterprise and giving back to the society" and the business philosophy of "the benevolence of doctors and the pursuit of excellence", and is committed to building the hospital into a new modern hospital.

The hospital is now a second-class general hospital, designated unit of medical insurance. The project was started in 2013 and officially put into operation in December 2015. It covers an area of 116 mu, with a construction area of 170000 square meters and a total design of 1000 beds. At present, 300 beds have been opened.

The hospital has built a discipline system with common and frequently occurring diseases as the main part, with "large specialty and small comprehensive" as the characteristic medical treatment. There are 21 internal, external, women, children and other clinical departments, and 350 medical staff. We will focus on building a large and specialized hospital with tumor center and cardiovascular center, so as to promote the overall medical level of the hospital.

The hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment, which provides a strong guarantee for high-quality medical services. The hospital has Toshiba 640 layer CT, Siemens skyra 3.0T MRI, intelligent track car, mammography target X-ray machine, ACUSON Antares color ultrasound, Baisheng twice cutting-edge ultrasound diagnostic system, Philips Dr, DSA, bone mineral density tester, electronic gastroenteroscope and treatment equipment under the microscope, Hitachi automatic biochemical instrument, digital multi-functional operating room, large-scale medical vehicle and other equipment.

As a whole, the hospital adopts advanced intelligent information system to simplify and facilitate the process of patients' medical treatment, so as to realize paperless and regional information sharing, ensure patients' safety, and improve medical quality and clinical efficiency.

On September 8, 2016, the hospital and Hong Kong Yan'an hospital officially signed a cooperation management agreement, becoming the first Wan Hong Kong cooperation hospital. Ren'an hospital intervened in the management of the hospital from the aspects of medical business, talent team construction, management system and mechanism construction, and officially launched the preparatory work of JCI international certification in January 2019. Gradually establish safe, effective and high-level management standards, promote the goal of continuous quality improvement, and provide more safe and high-quality medical services for patients and service objects.

In September 2017 and may 2019, the hospital officially established a close cooperation relationship with yijishan Hospital of Wannan Medical College and Hefei Tumor Hospital of Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly develop clinical business. The two hospitals will provide comprehensive guidance on personnel training, department management, technology improvement, two-way referral and other aspects of conch hospital, and rapidly improve the medical technology level and comprehensive service ability of conch hospital through technical radiation of key disciplines, comprehensive implantation of high-quality services, and deep penetration of advanced management.

The hospital aims to improve the medical service level, with the introduction of talents and the construction of disciplines as the traction, with the diversification as the means, constantly optimizes and standardizes the management system, deeply condenses the mission of "doctors' benevolence, pursuit of excellence" of marine medicine and the practice values of "people-oriented, moral and medical double Xin", strives to realize the beautiful vision of becoming the most reliable modern hospital, and better serves Jiang The city people and the surrounding people provide high-quality medical services.