Internal medicine

Wuhu conch hospital internal medicine is a comprehensive Department of respiratory, digestive, endocrine and other professional departments. There are 72 beds in the ward, mainly for patients with respiratory, endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive and other system diseases. The Department has close academic connection with yijishan Hospital of Wannan Medical College.

Advanced equipment:

The Department has multi parameter ECG monitor, cardiac defibrillator, blood glucose detector, electrocardiograph, 24-hour ambulatory ECG detector and other advanced medical equipment at home and abroad.

Services provided:

The Department has set up general and expert outpatient clinics throughout the year. It can carry out local thyroid puncture treatment, insulin pump simulated human insulin secretion hypoglycemic therapy, early thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction, coronary angiography, fiberoptic bronchoscopy examination and microscopic hemostasis, tumor targeted therapy, immunotherapy, arterial perfusion and embolization therapy.

General internal medicine hotline: 0553-8397567