With the strong support of previous leaders, there are 15 medical staff in the Department of orthopedics of Wuhu conch hospital, including 2 with senior titles, 3 with intermediate titles and many with master's degree. With the help of professional technology from yijishan Hospital of Wannan Medical College, General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region and Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, the medical team has formed certain clinical characteristics in orthopedic trauma, joint and spinal surgery, especially in minimally invasive spinal surgery and knee arthroscopy.

Advanced equipment:

The Department now has a large number of advanced instruments and equipment to assist diagnosis, auxiliary operation and rehabilitation treatment. For example, Siemens 3.0T MRI, Toshiba 640 slice CT, DSA, mobile C-arm X-ray machine, orthopedic surgery traction bed, Xerox knee arthroscopy system, joimax visual intervertebral foramen endoscopic surgery system, low-temperature plasma radiofrequency treatment instrument, ozone treatment instrument, CPM machine, etc.

Services provided:

The Department is mainly divided into trauma, spine, joint, sports medicine, hand, foot, ankle, bone disease and other professional groups; introduced and carried out the surgical treatment of cervical and lumbar degenerative diseases, hip and knee joint replacement, spinal fracture internal fixation, pelvic fracture and other technologies, on this basis, the operation tends to be micro invasive and refined.

It mainly includes: spinal surgery - lumbar spondylolisthesis surgery, pedicle screw fixation plus interbody fusion, screw fixation of thoracolumbar vertebral fractures, percutaneous minimally invasive vertebroplasty, intervertebral foramen endoscopic surgery, low-temperature plasma radiofrequency ablation.

In the field of joint treatment, artificial hip replacement and total hip replacement.

In the field of internal fixation of fractures, locking intramedullary nailing and minimally invasive plate internal fixation.