Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Department of gynecology and obstetrics of Wuhu conch hospital is a comprehensive clinical department integrating gynecology and obstetrics. It is a key discipline supported by the hospital. It carries out general outpatient service and expert outpatient service all year round. The Department has a high-quality medical care team composed of 33 medical and nursing staff, a general ward, a VIP delivery special ward and a training room of the maternity center to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Advanced equipment:

The Department has a number of high-quality equipment including Storz ultra-high-definition laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and hysteroscopic cold knife system, Erbe electrosurgical workstation, Olympus ultrasonic scalpel, jinkewei colposcope, Elman LEEP knife, pelvic floor function screening and treatment instrument, Koman fetal heart monitor, neonatal radiation warmer, neonatal oxygen breath monitoring, etc.

Services provided:

On the basis of skillfully carrying out all kinds of routine treatment, relying on the management standard of Hong Kong Yan'an hospital and the professional technical support of yijishan hospital, the Department has accumulated certain clinical experience for critical and difficult diseases.

Focus on gynecological 3-4 types of minimally invasive surgery, covering a variety of gynecological malignant tumors and complex difficult endoscopic surgery, laparoscopic vaginal sacral fixation and other pelvic floor dysfunction diseases, with minimal trauma to achieve the best treatment effect.

We systematically carried out perinatal health care, pregnancy risk assessment, delivery with company, pain reduction and analgesia in various ways; we routinely carried out difficult labor operations such as fetal aspiration, forceps, hip midwifery, new-style cesarean section (cosmetic incision), extraperitoneal cesarean section, and standardized treatment of pathological section, such as pregnancy induced hypertension.

Routine neonatal disease screening, hearing screening, hepatitis B vaccine and BCG vaccination, neonatal bath, swimming, neonatal touch services.

Department of gynecology and obstetrics: 0553-8399180