The Department of Pediatrics of Wuhu conch hospital is a comprehensive department integrating medical treatment and teaching. The backbone of the Department has the experience of grade III hospital and rich clinical and teaching experience. It can effectively and formally diagnose and treat common and frequently occurring diseases, difficult and miscellaneous diseases and critical diseases in pediatrics. Famous asthma experts from the province come to the hospital regularly.

On May 8, 2017, a "special meeting on first aid for newborns" was organized. Professor Wu Baixiang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong was invited to share the authoritative methods of first aid for newborns in Hong Kong, and new highlights were found in the academic discussion.

Advanced equipment:

The Department has advanced equipment such as German Bairui atomizer, Israel sunligh all imported bone mineral density monitor and multi-functional physical examination instrument.

Services provided:

The Department has independent ward, infusion room, children's atomization center, children's health clinic. It has rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of neonatal diseases, common pediatric diseases and frequently occurring diseases (children's bronchial asthma, growth hormone deficiency or insufficient secretion, familial dwarfism, bone development disorders, etc.), and summarizes a set of standardized diagnosis and treatment methods.

Service hotline: 0553-8397757