Oral Center

The stomatological center of Wuhu conch hospital is the key subject of the cooperative development between Wuhu conch hospital and Hong Kong Centennial oral cavity. Established in Hong Kong in 2001, Centennial oral surgery has opened a dental implant and maxillofacial surgery center in Hong Kong Central in 2003. It is the largest private day surgery center in Hong Kong, serving customers of oral and maxillofacial surgery and oral implant.
The stomatological center of Wuhu conch hospital takes the establishment of comprehensive general practice as the main goal, cooperates with the specialty outpatient and inpatient service disciplines as the goal, carries out the full digital treatment process, and strives to achieve the first-class in Anhui Province and reach the international advanced level. The center is located on the eighth floor of the outpatient department of the hospital, with elegant environment and advanced equipment. We have imported German sinord dental comprehensive treatment chair, oral digital apical radiography machine, oral panoramic CT machine, hot gutta percha filling machine, ultrasonic osteotome and oral microscope and other advanced equipment.
The team of doctors is highly skilled and has rich clinical experience. It is composed of a number of internationally renowned oral experts in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places. Dr. Zhou Guohui was the chairman of the Hong Kong Association of oral and maxillofacial surgeons. He is now an honorary associate professor of the school of Dentistry of the University of Hong Kong and director of the Hong Kong dental implant and maxillofacial surgery center. He is an internationally renowned dental implant expert and clinical applicator Bone morphogenetic protein, zygomatic implant and other cutting-edge technology leaders.
The main business features of the stomatological center of Wuhu conch hospital are as follows:
Implant (anterior implant, posterior implant, immediate implant, immediate loading, single jaw all-on-4 implant surgery and restoration)
Orthodontics (fixed correction, implicit correction)
Aesthetic restoration (post restoration, all ceramic crown restoration, all ceramic veneer restoration)
Filling, extraction, extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, whole mouth fluoride coating, pit and fissure sealing, root canal treatment, etc
Full mouth washing, sandblasting and periodontal treatment
The stomatological center of Wuhu conch hospital provides comfortable environment, considerate service and tailor-made oral treatment plan. Welcome all customers to come to consult, see a doctor, Wuhu conch hospital dental center dedicated to your service!
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