Chinese Medicine Center

In order to carry forward the quintessence of traditional Chinese medicine and give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, Wuhu conch hospital, together with the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine and yijishan hospital, has built a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment center of traditional Chinese medicine, integrating modern science and technology, and building a modern capital Wuhu TCM medical service cooperation platform, so that people can enjoy the medical services of first-class experts in China in Wuhu Jiangcheng.

Department profile

The comprehensive diagnosis and treatment center of traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment department integrating internal medicine, anorectal, rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage, surgery, skin, urology and gynecology. Besides, it has carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with Xiyuan Hospital and yijishan Hospital of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Xie Zujian, a descendant of traditional Chinese medicine family and former director of anorectal Department of traditional Chinese medicine hospital, was appointed as the director of the center.

Scope of diagnosis and treatment:

Internal medicine: cold, cough, asthma, hypertension, heart disease, dizziness, insomnia, belching, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite.

Anorectal Department: hemorrhoids, fistula, anal fissure, perianal abscess, rectal prolapse, loose stool, difficult stool, bloody stool, anal tumor prolapse, anal distension, anal pruritus, anal dampness, intestinal polyps, colorectal cancer, anal pain, anal sinusitis

Surgery: cholecystitis, appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, intestinal adhesion, abscess)

Acupuncture and massage: headache, cervical pain, shoulder and back pain, low back pain, chest pain, abdominal pain

Rehabilitation department: sequelae of stroke, spinal cord injury, pediatric cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, etc., fracture, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, acute lumbar sprain, low back and leg pain, periarthritis of shoulder, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, facial neuritis, tennis elbow, sports injury (muscle injury, tendon injury, articular cartilage injury), various hand injuries After or after hand trauma postoperative dysfunction, as well as other diseases caused by speech dysfunction, swallowing dysfunction, cognitive dysfunction, gait instability, balance difficulties, etc.

Dermatology: pruritus, urticaria, acne, psoriasis, eczema

Gynecology: dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, infertility, irregular menstruation, abnormal leucorrhea, hyperplasia of mammary glands, adnexitis, pelvic inflammation

Comprehensive treatment technology

TCM therapy: oral administration of TCM, external application of TCM, external application of TCM, sitz bath of TCM, TCM fumigation, TCM atomization, TCM drip enema, TCM acupoint application and acupoint injection.

Non drug therapy: acupoint therapy, massage, acupuncture, scraping, cupping, moxibustion, auricular point sticking, hot ironing therapy, acupoint catgut embedding.

Non invasive surgical therapy: Xiaozhiling injection therapy, acupoint sealing therapy, puncture drainage purulent irrigation therapy.

Minimally invasive surgical treatment: selective ligation (or ligation) therapy, bridge stripping therapy, suspension thread hanging therapy, electrocoagulation therapy

Non invasive characteristic therapy

Acupoint therapy for appendicitis, cholecystitis, stomachache, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, headache, stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, shoulder back pain, scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbocrural pain.

Injection therapy for internal hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, rectal mucosal prolapse and rectocele

Modern diagnosis and treatment equipment:

Electronic pulse, red light (or infrared radiation), spectrum, interference electricity, ultrashort wave, fumigant. The diagnosis and treatment projects to be carried out: Chinese medicine fumigation and washing instrument, traditional Chinese medicine lavage instrument, biofeedback therapeutic instrument, anorectal manometer, gastrointestinal motility tester.

Appointment consultation

Outpatient department: second floor of outpatient building

Inpatient department: fourth floor of inpatient building

Service hotline: 0553-8397611