Medical and nursing center

Wuhu conch hospital medical and nursing center (hereinafter referred to as "medical and nursing center") formerly known as "nursing center of Baimashan branch of conch general hospital", has been engaged in professional medical care, rehabilitation nursing and life care for nearly 20 years. It can provide full nursing, semi nursing and full self-care integrated medical and nursing services. In conch group, Baima and Huolong regions have a good reputation.

The medical and nursing center is independently planned in the nursing building of conch hospital, with a construction area of 30000 square meters. At present, it uses 2-3 floors in area B, with an area of about 6000 square meters and more than 90 beds. The nursing building is adjacent to the outpatient building and inpatient building of the hospital. The hospital's medical resources such as outpatient, emergency, inpatient, physical examination, rehabilitation and nursing can guarantee the health needs of the elderly in the medical and nursing center at any time.

The medical and nursing center is different from the general pension institutions and ordinary hospitals. It can not only provide the elderly with daily health care, life care, fitness and entertainment services, but also provide pharmacy, examination, diagnosis and treatment, imaging and other rehabilitation treatment projects. It integrates the medical, nursing, rehabilitation, pension and hospice care functional modules into one. It is guaranteed by a professional team of medical staff, and adheres to the concept of "benevolence of doctors, service first", We will serve you wholeheartedly to ensure the health of the elderly.

Medical security:

The center is equipped with doctor's office, nurse station, dispensing room, disposal room and other professional medical places, equipped with more than 10 full-time medical staff (excluding nursing workers), implementing 24-hour medical staff on duty. Arrange 1-2 senior doctors with professional title or above for ward round every day, and regularly invite experts inside and outside the hospital for consultation, which can provide professional medical and nursing services for the elderly, so that you can get timely diagnosis and treatment at home, relieve your patients and prevent diseases.

In the outpatient clinics of the hospital, there are medical practitioners in surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, shennei, TCM, rehabilitation and other medical practitioners to manage the diseases of the elderly, and there are professional departments of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and other professional departments for auxiliary treatment, so that the elderly can get professional disease management treatment, nursing and rehabilitation services.

Central facilities:

The center is spacious, bright and comfortable. The rooms are equipped with cable TV, air conditioning, water heater, independent toilet and corresponding furniture; the bedside is equipped with call system, oxygen suction and sputum suction device; the toilet is equipped with emergency call button, anti fall armrest, anti slip pad, bath chair, etc.; the public area is equipped with laundry room and elderly activity room; full-time nursing workers deliver food and water to the ward, At the same time, according to the nursing level of the elderly, we provide services such as washing, bathing, dispensing medicine, feeding water, feeding rice, turning over, accompanying and so on.

Admission fee:

There are single rooms, double rooms and three rooms in the ward.

Bed charge:

Single room: 2500 yuan / month / person;

Double room: 1900 yuan / month / person;

Three people: 1300 yuan / month / person.

The above rooms include the cost of basic water and electricity.

Nursing service fee:

Third level nursing: 560 yuan / month / person;

Secondary nursing: 940 yuan / month / person;

First level nursing: 1320 yuan / month / person;

Special nursing: 4000 yuan / month / person.

The nursing level is determined according to the actual situation of the elderly after comprehensive evaluation. You are welcome to inquire about the specific nursing content and charging standard.

The charging scheme will be adjusted in real time according to the operation situation and market situation of the center.

Check in offers:

Free basic physical examination is provided once a year

There is no registration fee in our hospital

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Wuhu conch hospital medical center, your exclusive personalized nursing service

D: to provide 24-hour medical care and rehabilitation treatment for the elderly in need of care.

Nursing: provide daily health care, life care, health entertainment and other pension services for the healthy elderly.