Relying on the strong strength, high-tech level, excellent talents and advanced medical equipment of the hospital, the medical imaging department has developed into a modern medical imaging center with advanced equipment, complete configuration, diagnosis and treatment, and complete functions, which integrates medical treatment, teaching and research, and can carry out various imaging diagnosis and treatment businesses required by the third-class comprehensive hospital.

1、 Instruments and equipment

The medical imaging department consists of general radiology, digital photography, CT, MRI, interventional therapy, etc. it has the first-class domestic imaging examination equipment, including the most advanced Toshiba 640 slice volume CT, Siemens 16 row spiral CT, Siemens 3.0T super aperture (70cm) super high field dual gradient MRI, Philips flat DSA, Dr, Siemens breast machine and other supporting equipment.

CT of 640 layers of aquilion one in Toshiba

Siemens 3.0T super large aperture (70cm) Mr

Philips suspended DSA (FD20)

2、 Department staffing

The medical imaging center now has a number of medical and technical personnel, and will continue to expand the medical team and gradually rationalize the personnel structure in the later stage.

3、 Development of diagnosis and treatment project

Routine radiation: digital X-ray photography of all parts of the body (including oral panoramic digital photography and breast molybdenum target digital photography), routine examination of various types of radiography, diagnosis and reduction of intussusception in children, etc.

CT: routine CT scan, three-dimensional reconstruction, CT coronary artery imaging, coronary artery calcification integral measurement, CT perfusion imaging, CT angiography (CTA), bronchoscopy and colonoscopy imaging of all parts of the body.

MR: conventional MR scan, dynamic enhanced scan, three-dimensional reconstruction, MR angiography, brain function imaging, water imaging, spectrum analysis, MR diffusion and perfusion weighted imaging, etc.

Interventional diagnosis and treatment: angiography of all parts of the body, vascular stent placement of limbs, stent implantation in the digestive tract, selective salpingography (SSG) and recanalization (FTR), percutaneous disc laser vaporization decompression (PLDD), CT guided percutaneous lung and liver biopsy, interventional treatment of lung cancer, liver cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, hysteromyoma, etc.

The Department has truly covered all the imaging examinations and treatment methods required by the clinical work, better cooperated with the clinical diagnosis and treatment work, and improved the overall service quality and level of the hospital.

4、 Department construction and development

The medical imaging center is equipped with a complete PACS system, which is connected with his and RIS systems. It implements full digital medical imaging inspection, diagnosis and work management, comprehensively improves the quality, efficiency and management level of modern medical imaging inspection. In the later stage, it will continue to carry out new projects and new topics according to the clinical work needs and patients' needs.

5、 Foreign cooperation

The imaging department of our hospital cooperates with the imaging departments of Shanghai, Nanjing and a number of third class A hospitals in the province to realize remote consultation and business exchange, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the quality of image examination. The image center adheres to the service concept of "supreme quality and sincere service" of conch, adheres to the joint development of magnetic resonance, CT, general amplifier and intervention of various professional technologies under the leadership of the Department Director, pays equal attention to service and quality, and strives to build the medical image Department into a first-class image diagnosis and treatment center, providing better, faster and better service for all personnel.

Department Service Hotline: 0553-8399008