Instructions for tendering

Companies participating in the bidding of Wuhu conch hospital procurement project must identify and understand the relevant precautions of our hospital bidding.

1、 According to the bidding needs, the participating bidders shall enter the bid security and cost of the bidding documents into our account before purchasing the bidding documents, and our purchasing department will sell the bidding documents according to the account information.

Account information

Account Name: Wuhu conch hospital

Bank of deposit: Wuhu Wunan branch of Bank of China

Account No.: 181220565638

2、 Instructions to bidders

(1) Both parties shall consciously abide by the provisions of the state and the Municipality on the construction of a clean government.

(2) The staff of both parties shall maintain normal working contacts, shall not provide gifts, securities and valuables, shall not reimburse any expenses to be paid by individuals, and shall not accept bribes in any form.

(3) Relevant business shall be carried out through normal channels, and no gift money, securities, valuables, etc. shall be given to our staff and third parties.

(4) It is not allowed to negotiate privately or reach tacit agreement with our staff and intermediary agencies on relevant work issues for personal gain.

(5) It is not allowed to invite our staff to travel and enter the places of high consumption entertainment for business under the pretext of business negotiation.

(6) In the process of this project, if it is found that the bidders collude with each other in bidding or bidding with the tenderee, bid in the name of others or cheat in other ways, or bribe the tenderee and members of the evaluation committee to get a deal, without any reason, contact with the tenderee and members of the evaluation committee and other behaviors interfere with and affect the evaluation work. The bidder will be disqualified from bidding, and the relevant industrial and commercial administrative supervision departments in the bidder's region will be notified at the same time.

(7) The supervision unit of the buyer and the Seller shall be its superior competent department.