Center Introduction

1、 Introduction to health management center

Health management center is a special service department of health management specialty in Wuhu conch hospital. Based on the life concept of "healthy body and happy mood", the health management center adopts the "public" service mode, which can carry out group appointment physical examination, entry physical examination, occupational physical examination, and tailor-made health examination items.

The center is equipped with various advanced equipment and facilities, designed a variety of health check-up packages for different groups of people. The whole process is equipped with physical examination guidance, breakfast and VIP lounge. The results of physical examination can be obtained by collecting paper reports, sending electronic physical examination reports by SMS and searching websites. The center will become a professional health management organization integrating disease detection, health promotion, psychological counseling and health care guidance.

2、 Physical examination center environment

3、 Advanced equipment

1. Toshiba aquilion one640 slice CT

Toshiba aquilion one640 slice CT can collect and form a three-dimensional dynamic image of human body in 0.35 seconds. It can perform single heartbeat whole heart scanning and organ dynamic volume functional imaging. It can provide unprecedented functional image information for early diagnosis of tumor, early diagnosis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, organ transplantation, bone and joint diseases, and it takes less time, It has the advantages of faster, safer and more accurate.

2. Siemens Magnetom skyra 3.0T MRI

Siemens Magnetom skyra 3.0T MRI can be scanned at high speed, and the world's leading Tim technology can be used for large-scale whole-body examination; high tissue contrast and high signal-to-noise ratio images are formed, which have significant advantages for early detection and early diagnosis of diseases; safe and non radiation green examination, high examination comfort and low noise environment are suitable for general physical examination.

3. Siemens mammat inspiration breast machine

Siemens mammat inspiration breast machine has high spatial resolution, small distortion, low ambiguity, reliable image, can display small changes in breast tissue. Set physical examination, diagnosis of three-dimensional positioning puncture function in one, can more accurately lock the focus. At the same time, low-dose exposure reduces the radiation dose to patients.

4、 Related address

Address: 8th floor, outpatient department, Wuhu conch hospital, 327 Jiuhua South Road, Yijiang District, Wuhu City

Bus route: No.16, No.29, no.218, No.50 to Wuhu conch hospital station.

Time of physical examination: 7:00-12:00 from Monday to Saturday (except for legal holidays)

Appointment telephone: 0553-8397547 (fax), 0553-8397888

Hospital website: