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Introduction to physical examination center

The physical examination center of Wuhu conch hospital is a special service department of health management in Wuhu conch hospital. In line with the life concept of "healthy body, happy mood", the "mass" service mode is adopted, various advanced equipment and facilities are configured, and a variety of health examination package modes are designed for different people. Group appointment physical examination, entry physical examination and customized physical examination can be carried out. The center is equipped with physical examination guide, VIP lounge and breakfast. The results of physical examination can be obtained through the center, SMS notification, website query and other ways. The center will become a professional health management organization integrating disease detection, health promotion, psychological consultation and health care guidance.

Address: 8th floor, outpatient department, Wuhu conch hospital

Physical examination reservation Tel: 0553-8397547 (fax), 8397888

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Introduction to physical examination of occupational diseases

Approved by the Health Bureau, obtained the approval certificate of occupational health examination agency on December 26, 2014. At present, there are 30 medical personnel, including 5 experts of various disciplines. According to the conditions and business development needs of the hospital, our hospital established the leading group of occupational health examination of Wuhu conch hospital on December 9, 2014, and now receives 5000 person times of occupational health examination every year.

1、 Objects of occupational health examination:

1. Employees who are ready to engage in (pre work) harmful operations.

2. Employees engaged in harmful operations (on a regular basis) while on duty.

3. Employees who are exposed to harmful operations before leaving or when transferring.

4. Occupational disease patients and observation objects.

2、 Occupational health examination category:

1. Pre employment health examination.

2. Regular health examination.

3. Health examination when leaving or transferring.

4. Health screening of occupational diseases.

5. Regular reexamination of occupational disease patients and observation objects.

6. Emergency health examination

3、 Occupational health examination qualification

4、 Introduction to occupational health examination package

5、 Equipment introduction

1. Diagnostic audiometer

Function: it is suitable for audiometry, functional deafness and organic deafness, cochlear and retrocochlear lesions, acoustic neuroma and some central lesions.

Electroaudiometry is an important test method for patients with hearing loss. Through the test of patients' Qi and bone conduction hearing, the causes of hearing loss are clarified, such as conduction deafness, sensorineural deafness and mixed deafness, so that doctors can take the correct treatment plan.

Electric audiometry and monitoring room

2. Lung function detector

Lung function test is an important content of clinical examination of chest and lung diseases and respiratory physiology. For early detection of lung and airway diseases, identification of the causes of dyspnea, diagnosis of the location of the disease, evaluation of the severity of the disease and its prognosis, it is an essential examination item. Indications of pulmonary function examination: chronic cough, dyspnea or chest distress, long-term smoking or passive smoking. People who work in polluted environment for a long time (those who work or live in dusty environment).

Pulmonary function test room

6、 Occupational health examination process

7、 The significance of occupational health examination

Through medical means and methods, clinical medical examination is carried out for the possible health impact and health damage caused by the occupational hazard factors that the workers are exposed to, so as to understand the health status of the examinees, and find the medical behaviors of occupational diseases, occupational contraindications and possible other diseases and health damage in the early stage. Occupational health examination is an important content and main source of information in occupational health monitoring. Occupational health examination is aimed at prevention. According to the occupational contact history of workers, through regular or irregular medical health examination and collection of health-related data, it continuously monitors the health status of workers, analyzes the relationship between the health changes of workers and the occupational disease risk factors they are exposed to, and timely reports the health examination and data analysis results to the employer and the employer Workers themselves, in order to take timely intervention measures to protect the health of workers.