Instructions for admission

Dear old people and their families:

Thank you for your inquiry. Your choice is to trust our center. All our medical and service staff will provide you with high quality medical and nursing services wholeheartedly! In order to provide the elderly with efficient and convenient check-in services and meet the elderly and their families' understanding of conch medical care center, we need to work together to do the following work, hoping to get your understanding and support:

1、 Occupancy conditions

Conch health care center is open to the public. Anyone who can adapt to the collective life, regardless of age, can apply for admission voluntarily.

However, in case of any of the following circumstances, the person shall not be allowed to move in. In case of any of the following circumstances, the move in contract and relevant agreement shall be terminated automatically, and the person shall take the initiative to go through relevant procedures for leaving the hospital.

1. All are related to cult organizations (such as Falun Gong).

2. Those suffering from infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis), manic psychosis (aggressive behavior), and concealing relevant medical history.

3. Seriously hindering the normal life of other old people (reported by others and verified).

4. Do not pay the check-in fee on time, and still ignore it after dunning.

5. Those who are not suitable for living due to ignoring the rules and regulations of the medical care center and other reasons.

2、 Check in process

1. The elderly and their guardians shall fill in the application form for check-in and sign it for confirmation. After the medical staff check and communicate without any difference, both parties shall agree on the date of physical examination (the physical examination fee shall be borne by themselves, and the elderly shall keep an empty stomach on the day of physical examination. See the attachment for package price and items).

2. After the physical examination, the center will arrange medical staff to assess the elderly's occupancy, and inform the results and conclusions of the physical examination within three working days. If the physical examination and assessment are qualified, both parties will agree on the date of occupancy; if the conditions of occupancy are not met, the center will return the physical examination report and explain the reasons.

3. On the day of check-in, please bring the original ID card and household register of the elderly and their guardians, and the center will check the original and keep the copy.

4. The two parties signed the occupancy contract, and the center issued the payment list according to the expense standard. After the elderly and their families paid the expenses to the finance department, they went through the occupancy procedures, established the health records, and filled in the relevant information.

5. Please provide 2 one inch photos of the elderly, previous medical records, checklists, discharge summary, etc. to prepare personal daily necessities (bedding is purchased by the center).

3、 Nursing mode: the medical care center provides the elderly with general mobile services and call services. When necessary, please use the call system, and the staff will arrive in time. If the elderly and their children have additional services, they can consult with the medical care center.

4、 Charging items and corresponding standards: see the charging schedule for details.

5、 Refund provisions

1. If you leave for more than 15 days, half of the monthly nursing fee will be charged.

2. Ask for leave to go out for more than 30 days, free of nursing fee of the month.

3. In the month of check-in, if the elderly are not used to the center life, they can leave the hospital, and the cost is calculated according to the actual days.

6、 Room arrangement: the center will allocate rooms according to the actual situation of the elderly.

1. If an elderly person needs to change his room, he / she can make up to two adjustments during his / her stay.

2. If the husband and wife check in together, the center will go through the procedures of sharing after presenting the corresponding certificates.

3. We respect the religious beliefs and national habits of the elderly and try our best to provide convenience and help.

4. Visitors are not allowed to stay without permission.

7、 Risk tips

1. Due to the limitations of medicine, some problems can not be predicted, or medical staff have taken necessary medical precautions, but still can not prevent the occurrence of choking, collapse, shock, fall to the ground, fracture, cardio cerebrovascular disease and other accidents or even sudden death and other risks.

2. Even if the nursing service is implemented, such as even when the nursing staff is supporting the elderly, all kinds of accidents such as self mutilation and falling can not be completely eliminated.

8、 Warm tips

1. Please do not bring dangerous goods and a large amount of cash into the medical care center when you check in. Please keep your valuables properly.

2. No electrical appliances shall be brought into the medical care center for the elderly. If it is really necessary, it can be brought into use with the consent of the center, and all the expenses (including electricity) shall be borne by the family members.

3. Please take good care of the public facilities and articles in the center. If there is any damage, please compensate according to the price. For the safety of you and others, please do not use electric appliances such as electric cups, induction furnaces, electric blankets, etc. without permission in the room, in case of fire, do not pour water, throw dirt, cigarette butts, etc. downstairs.

4. During the stay period, you are not allowed to invite doctors outside the hospital for consultation and self medication. Please do not enter the clinic without permission, and do not read the medical records and other medical materials by yourself.

5. Please visit according to the time and requirements specified by the medical care center (no visit after 20:00). In order to protect the elderly and the infirm, if they are suffering from respiratory infection and other epidemic diseases, please do not visit. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets into the medical center.

6. Our center is a unit without red envelopes. Please do not give money or goods to the staff of the center and arrange food.

Dear senior resident, you are not only our friend, but also the supervisor of our work. If you are not satisfied with our work, please leave your valuable comments and suggestions, and we will continue to improve. Thank you!


The staff of conch medical care center has publicized and implemented the "notice to stay", and I and my family are familiar with the above contents.

Hereby declare!

Senior resident:


Family visit notice

1. Visiting time of family members: 9:00-11:00, 15:00-17:00, 18:00-20